BB, an ex-minibus, came in as a fully functional cold water campervan with a decent size living area, kitchen and W/C.

BB’s owners had only recently purchased BB with the intent of making her more accommodating for when they travelled with their dogs


Hot running water, including installation of a shower and a safe quiet place for their dogs to sleep.


The removal

The rear bench seating, which served as a double bed, was removed along with a third of the kitchen work surface area. Also, opposite this the small counter was taken out.

The W/C

The raised floor was removed from in front of the toilet, as well as the rear wall to remove an electrical socket. A new frame was made to support the new shower tray and allow the new water pipes to get to their new destination and a permanent vent was fitted above the shower to help reduce condensation.

Once this was all installed new water proof cladding was added to the room to complete the shower area and the window frame was adjusted to give more privacy.

Roof light

BB’s original single roof light was opaque, allowing very little light through, the idea was to replace this and add a second one above where the new fixed bed was to go.

Hot water

A new Truma boiler was installed, this would be connected to an ‘on demand’ water pump to feed the taps in the kitchen, as well as the mixer tap in the new shower area.

New sleeping arrangements

A raised double bed.

Something quirky

The dog house, with its prison look, provides under storage and a home to a 70ltr fresh water tank and water pump.

The plumbing and electrics

BB had once been a minibus, so several things had to be taken into account. The minibus floor had base structures for seating both on top and underneath, so we had to work around them.

It’s all coming together

Seat bases where installed, it was decided at this point that the small counter that had been opposite the kitchen on the toilet wall could serve better if it became a wardrobe, so it was extended upwards to meet the over head lockers.

A pull out table was installed above the doggy door way.

BB today looking cosy.